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Penfold Lodge

Penfold Lodge
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Penfold Lodge is a specialist residential service providing recovery-focused rehabilitation and community housing for 18 adults with enduring mental health needs. Our bespoke approach looks at what can be achieved for each person, taking into account their abilities, interests and needs.

We aim to improve the quality of life for the people in our care by supporting them to manage their mental health. Through encouraging the development of their independent living skills and vocational aspirations, the people we support are able to function more independently in the wider community.

We want the best for the people in our care and we place great importance on outcomes and quality of life. We work within a positive environment to encourage confidence, whilst bringing structure, inclusion and personal growth opportunity into their lives.

Penfold Lodge is committed to ensuring that a recovery model and ethos is at the centre of our service delivery, with the measurement of this being realised through the recovery star process. This goes beyond focusing on symptoms and problems to overcome, and instead engages with the whole person as a social-being with needs, hopes and ambitions. We believe that everyone has the capacity to recover, rehabilitate and become the best they can be.

This philosophy is underpinned by the need to:

Provide the opportunity for independent living
Encourage social inclusion
Promote robust risk management
Provide opportunity for personal growth

We achieve this philosophy by working closely with professionals from mental health and social services teams, taking into account the views and guidance of additional services. This includes community support teams, clinical outreach programmes, cultural, educational and vocational development services, as well as family, friends and other invested parties.

At Penfold Lodge, we also provide residents with the opportunity to look at their individual mental health needs and support them to take steps to acknowledge and manage them proactively.

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