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“The advice team responded quickly to my request and supported me with a warm capable competence that was helpful and reassuring.”

If something is preventing you from feeling empowered to age well, we can help you to explore ways to improve this.

Our Advice and Welfare service provides independent, timely and personal advice and guidance to people aged over 60, living in North East Essex.

Our friendly advisers have established an excellent reputation over the years and can guide you through complex systems such as Health & Social Care and Housing.

We are also authorised by Essex County Council to assist people living with Dementia, to apply for a blue badge parking permit.

If you or a loved one needs advice, book an appointment with the advice team please call on 0300 37 33 333 or email [email protected] 


Get your free benefits check

Our free benefits check assesses whether you could be entitled to more help with your daily living costs. Once our assessment is complete, we will tell you the outcome and help you complete any necessary forms and help you organise any evidence needed to complete your application.

Types of benefits and entitlements available to people in later years:

  • State Retirement Pension
  • Pension Credit
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Attendance Allowance (AA)
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Blue Badge (Disabled Parking Badge)
  • Housing Benefit
  • Local Council Tax Support
  • Carers Allowance

Blue Badge Parking Permit Applications

If you have visible or hidden disabilities that affects your mobility, you may be eligible to apply for a blue badge. A Blue Badge allows you to park in disabled parking spaces which are located closer to your destination, supporting you to remain independent. Our friendly advisors can help you or a family member with your Blue Badge permit application..

During 2022/23, we supported 226 people to apply for Blue Badge disabled parking permits

Fraud and online scams

Find out how to stay safe online and more about the risks posed by fraudulent cold callers and other types of fraud.

Dementia support

We share our expertise to support those caring for someone or living with dementia.

Emotional support

Experiencing loss or preparing for death is challenging. We are here to support you through it.

Feeling lonely?

Discover how we support people and communities in Essex with our volunteer friendship (befriending) and local community groups and activities.

Find groups and events

We run groups and activities across North Essex to help you connect with others. Take part in activities such as dancing, arts and crafts, light sports or knitting with like-minded individuals.

Other helpful organisations

We have compiled a list of organisations that we recommend and trust. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact our friendly support team.

We can make a real difference to you or someone you know.

We are here for people in later years. We empower you to age well.