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Looking after your mental wellbeing

“You picked up the phone and checked in to offer support and empathy and it has really helped throughout this time”

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health.

Mental health helps us to function – it enables us to think, feel, realise our abilities, take action and connect with others.

Yet, our mental health can be affected by many things; loneliness, isolation, physical health conditions, loss of a loved one, financial stress, major environmental change, a breakdown in relationships, lack of exercise, poor diet or from caring for someone with a serious illness.

When we experience challenges to our mental health, we may notice changes in our emotions and how we respond to stress. We may feel overwhelmed with life and face excessive worry, fear or anxiety. We may feel fatigued, persistently low in mood, withdrawn or we may experience a sense of isolation or worthlessness.

In times of emotional difficulty, we can benefit from guidance and support to help us to regain confidence and build resilience so that we are able to live well.

Here at Age Well East, we can share information with you about the different options of support available in the community. We can talk to you about your goals and co-create a plan as to how you can achieve them. We can help you connect with social groups, support groups, workshops or clubs and activities. We can help you to access therapeutic and specialist mental health support services. We can help you find the right support for your needs.

Contact us

Call our knowledgeable team of advisors who will know how to help, who to contact and what help might be available to you.

Experiencing bereavement and loss

We offer expert advice about bereavement and loss, support groups for those also experiencing loss or bereavement and one to one bereavement volunteer support.


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