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My name is Dave, Dementia Poem

My name is Dave, I’m 69

Most of my life I have been fine

Some years ago though I started to find

Events were not so clear in my mind

So to the Doc’s I went, what an adventure,

He diagnosed me with Dementia 

I try to do things as I could 

And some I can, though not so good

I can tell you of things back in the past

But my recent memories do not last

So a nice young lady gave me my dog

And although he cannot clear my fog

He barks at me and I stroke his head

And instead of sad, I’m happy instead

He likes a cuddle and so do I

And generally I’m a happy guy

When he barks at me it’s like his ‘talk’

But he doesn’t need to go for a walk 

So thank you for giving me a little friend 

And my thanks are In this rhyme I send.

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