My name is Dave, Dementia Poem

My name is Dave, I’m 69

Most of my life I have been fine

Some years ago though I started to find

Events were not so clear in my mind

So to the Doc’s I went, what an adventure,

He diagnosed me with Dementia 

I try to do things as I could 

And some I can, though not so good

I can tell you of things back in the past

But my recent memories do not last

So a nice young lady gave me my dog

And although he cannot clear my fog

He barks at me and I stroke his head

And instead of sad, I’m happy instead

He likes a cuddle and so do I

And generally I’m a happy guy

When he barks at me it’s like his ‘talk’

But he doesn’t need to go for a walk 

So thank you for giving me a little friend 

And my thanks are In this rhyme I send.


This Dementia Awareness Week, we share our client Dave’s poem about his experience of Dementia and the robotic pet dog he was given as part of our Robo Pets project.

If you or someone you know would benefit from our Dementia Support services, please get in touch. 


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