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Green Man Lawn Care – 12 days of Christmas corporate sponsor

As we celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, we are honoured to receive such wonderful support from local businesses and are proud to announce that today’s Corporate Sponsorship is Green Man Lawn Care – Your lawn’s best friend!

Your lawn is the carpet of your garden. Keeping it clean and tidy makes a big difference. The lawn experts at Green Man Lawn Care will analyse and treat your lawn, as well as offer you all the advice you need to help you keep it looking great all year round.

Their core service is based around a recurring Seasonal Treatment Plan that concentrates on managing basic lawn problems such as weed and moss growth. At each of the treatments, they apply a seasonally specific fertiliser to ensure that the grass plants in your lawn stay nice and green.

Analyse: Whether it’s weeds or moss, fungal diseases or insect infestations, their lawn experts will identify the cause of your lawn’s problems and recommend the best products and treatments.

Treat: Their lawn treatment plan consists of five Seasonal Treatments, applied around nine weeks apart. At each treatment, they apply a fertiliser, and a weed or moss control. They may also recommend some further treatments to help keep your lawn looking its very best.

Boost: In addition to their Seasonal Treatments, Green Man Lawn Care can carry out a range of supplementary services to give your lawn the extra boost it might need to maintain its condition.

Advise: Following each treatment, their expert team will explain how to get the most from their service and offer advice specific to your lawn. They’re very happy to share their hints and tips on the best ways of caring for your lawn in-between visits to ensure the carpet of your garden is looking shipshape all year round.

For more information on how Green Man Lawn Care can help you bring your lawn back to life, please get in touch with their friendly team on Telephone: 0333 210 0057, Email: [email protected] or visit their website:

Or to find out how you can become a Franchisee, please visit their website: for more information or call their team on Telephone: 0333 210 0057.


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